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Computer Pen Advantages

As we discovered in computer pen uses, a computer pen/ tablet is not only great fun for fun doodling and sketching,  but plays an important role in a diverse range of occupations and businesses e.g.  draftsmen, graphic artists, illustrators, website designers.  Below are some of the many computer pen advantages:

  • The user can interact in a way not possible with a conventional mouse or keyboard and allows them the possibility of more expressive and original work. This makes them great fun, practical and a liberating tool to use for children and adults alike.

  • Work with a diverse array of publishing,  photo editing and graphic arts software to enhance your digital experience.

  • Do not have to sit at a desk with a flat surface in order to work.

  • Improves dexterity, fine manipulation and control of a variety of applications with a little practice. 

  • People commonly report their productivity increases tremendously when they become comfortable with using a computer pen.

  • Budding artists or graphic artists  will save the cost of buying art supplies. No mess, sharpening pencils or finding you don’t have the correct color or pencil thickness.

  • Touch tablet versions mean that you gain a similar functionality to, and save $100’s-1000’s by not having to buy, a tablet computer.

Computer Pen Advantages

Computer Pen Advantages


Additional computer pen advantages include:

  • Many people find a computer pen less tiring  to use than a mouse. A  pen tablet can minimize issues associated with RSI (Repetitive Stain Injury), CTS  (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and help those who suffer from tendinitis ( informally also tendonitis) or arthritic conditions.

  • The user can fine tune and tailor the responsiveness through adjusting the settings ( e.g. pressure sensitivity) to suit an individuals requirements.

  • Many models have a hassle-free setup up involving a simple USB plug-and-play procedure.

  • Replacement pen tips (nibs) are readily available for most models. Many computer pens include extra pen tips and some even come bundled with an extra bonus pen. Also, some computer pens can incorporate a variety of  tip sizes and barrels.

  • Computer pens will typically have an eraser end and will often have additional function buttons to save time and improve productivity e.g. mimic mouse right click or for macro functions.

  • Help avoid the sore fingers that some people experience if they use a laptop touchpad for any period of time.