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Computer Pen Issues

There are many great reasons to buy a computer pen and these are shown in computer pen uses and computer pen advantages. However, every type of product has potential pitfalls and the buyer should always apply due diligence when considering what to buy. Therefore, we have listed below some of the most important factors to bear in mind regarding computer pen issues:

  • Is the pen responsive speed-wise and in all stroke directions/ angles?
    As is typical of most pen tablets, the angle of the pen is important regarding stroke recognition. If you are a first time pen tablet user, it will take some practice before you are able to utilize the full potential of the equipment. Most people will need a while to feel comfortable coordinating hand/pen/tablet while staring at the screen. Reducing the active area (scaling down) may help some people, as it allows them to rest their hand on the tablet whilst working.

  • Does the tablet come with a carrying/ protective case or pen holder otherwise the user may end up damaging the equipment or losing/ breaking the pen?

  • In general, you pay for what you get regarding equipment build quality, precision, responsiveness and sensitivity but this is not always the case. Bargains can be found if you know what and where to look for them – be sure to check out our product reviews.

  • Is the pen tablet a relative positioning ( ‘mouse’ mode) or an absolute positioning device (active area represents screen); or can it swap between both modes?

Computer Pen Issues

Computer Pen Issues


Additional computer pen issues include:

  • If drivers need to be installed, it is recommended to check the manufactures website before applying the drivers that came on a CD with the product. The latest drivers may work better with certain operating systems/ applications, plus they may have added functionality. A fresh install of the latest driver is always better than installing an older ‘flaky’ version first and then trying to update it in order to correct problems.

  • Designs and functionality vary considerably, therefore check the specifications carefully. For example:

    • Does the computer pen come with an inbuilt eraser end?

    • Does the tablet have shortcut buttons and if so, how many?

    • Does the tablet cord placement create problems regarding positioning the laptop or keyboard?

    • Is the tablet wireless?

  • Be aware the sensitivity of the pen may change depending on the program being used and can be troublesome if you frequently change between software. Does the pen tablet/ software¬† facilitate the user to create profile preferences that allow quick changing between presets.

  • As with all pen tablets, your software application needs to be able to support the sensitivity feature in order to benefit from modulations in thickness and darkness of the line drawn. Also, not all operating systems or software may support handwriting recognition without the need to use additional third-party applications.

  • Some computer pens offer battery-free models. Do your homework first if this issue is important.