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Computer Pen Uses

A computer pen is a versatile input device that works with an existing PC or Mac computer (desktop, laptop etc.), various operating systems and a wide-range of software. Computer pen uses are diverse, giving the user the ability to:

  • Doodle.

  • Sketch.

  • Draw.

  • Create diagrams.

  • Paint.

  • Keep a diary or journal.

  • Produce graphic art.

  • Enable musicians to use notation or score software.

  • Create illustrations.

  • Design 3D models.

  • Touch up photographs.

  • Alter and personalize documents e.g. sketch or add handwritten material.

Computer Pen Uses

Computer Pen Uses


Also, a computer pen can:

  • Creatively enhance and embellish documents and graphics in a more organic, artistic and intuitive way that is not possible with just a mouse and keyboard. It can really open new creative doors.

  • Minimize the need to scan because you can work directly on documents in the digital world.

  • Work with a myriad of applications e.g. GIMP, Office, Adobe Lightroom, Ableton Live, Jarnal, Reason 4, Flash CS5, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011, OneNote, Inkbook, Illustrator, Photoshop or for Internet surfing.

  • Prove extremely useful for bringing a personal touch when designing logos and websites.

  • Enable students to take ‘interactive’ notes that are ideal for revision purposes e.g. can highlight areas, add icons or even hotspots e.g. add links to other notes or trigger sounds to indicate important points within a document.

  • Provide a great alternative to using a whiteboard or smartboard in a classroom, for lectures or meetings. You can interact with your documents, spreadsheets, PDFs or presentation in real time (or let students do it). It’s a great bonus to be able to  save these digital documents easily and make them available to anyone who requires a review copy or were unable to attend the lesson e.g.  save notes as a PDF and post them on the web for students. Given how easily a computer pen device fits into a laptop case, it’s especially useful when you are not certain what resources are going to be available.

  • Save a lot of paper!

Further examples of computer pen uses include:

  • They make a great and engaging business tool e.g.

    • Annotate data graphs.

    • Mark up documents, spreadsheets, presentations e.g. make references, write in real time etc. 

    • Create concept sketches.

    • Produce  schematics, flow diagrams and mindmaps.

    • Enable the sharing of ideas effortlessly and immediately with co-workers online.

    • Produce handwritten Powerpoint presentations for a ‘ personal’ touch.

    • Facilitate working with e-books and PDFs.

    • Enable signing of documents.

  • They have the potential to replace the  mouse, keyboard or laptop’s touchpad. With a little practice, it becomes easy to navigate your screen,  e-mail, browse the internet, create graphics or write with software that continuously learns your style of writing.