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Wacom Bamboo Pen Review

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Wacom Bamboo Pen Review

Wacom Bamboo Pen Review


Wacom Bamboo Pen Review


Who Should Consider the Wacom Bamboo Pen

How many reviews have you had to wade through only to find in the last line that the product is completely unsuitable for your needs? Well, before moving on to the main part of the Wacom Bamboo Pen Review, the following will set out what type of customer this product is actually designed for.

Who will benefit most from owning the Wacom Bamboo Pen?

Primarily newcomers to the world of the pen tablet and non-professionals. It’s ideal (and great fun) for retouching images and photos, annotating documents, surfing the web and interacting in the digital world. However, in the right hands, the Bamboo Pen is an extremely useful tool to intermediates and professionals given its super portability.

Who is the Wacom Bamboo Pen not suitable for?

Someone expecting a high end pen tablet with lots of features and the ability to have fine control in customizing settings.

What’s in the box

  • Wacom Bamboo tablet and pen

  • Installation CD includes drivers, interactive tutorial and user’s manual

  • Software CD includes Corel Painter Essentials 4.0

Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | What's in the Box

Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | What's in the Box



  • Compatible with Windows XP (Service Pack 2), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Mac OS X (10.4.8 or higher)

    For Linux, community/open source drivers are such as the Linux Wacom Project. Also, if you use Ubuntu, try copying and pasting the code below into a terminal within Ubuntu and the Wacom Bamboo should work fine following a reboot:

             sudo add-apt-repository ppa:doctormo/wacom-plus
             sudo apt-get update
             sudo apt-get install wacom-dkms

  • Software that supports features from a pen tablet input. There are many good free graphics programs available for Linux/Mac/PC  such as Inkscape, MyPaint and GIMP ( see ‘ Show other downloads ‘ for Linux/Mac)

  • USB port

  • CD/DVD drive for installing software/ drivers

  • Colored screen


Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions ( W x H x D):

    • US Listed: Approx. 9.8″ x 6.9″ x 0.2″  ( 249 mm x 175 mm x 5 mm)

    • EU Listed: Approx. 9.8″ x 6.9″ x 0.3″  (248 mm x 176mm x 8mm)

  • Product Weight : Approx.  12.6 oz  (358 g)

  • Boxed Product Weight:

    • US Listed: Approx.  32 oz (900 g)

    • EU Listed: Approx.  30 oz (821 g)

  • Computer Pen (W x H): Approx. 5.8″ x 3.6″ (147 mm x 91 mm)

  • Pen Weight: Approx. 0.5 oz (14 g)

  • Tablet Active Touch Area (W x H): Approx. 4.9″ x 3.4″ (124 mm x 86 mm)


How does it work?

OK, first things first. Always install the latest Wacom software/ drivers before plugging in the tablet, so that the operating system installs the dedicated Wacom drivers in preference to its own generic tablet drivers. Although the Wacom Bamboo Pen seemed to work straight out the box with Windows 7, the above caveat is still recommended for optimal setup. In addition, it should be noted that with regard to those using Windows, certain features are dependent on the the operating system being used e.g. handwriting to text requires Vista/ Windows 7 (in conjunction with Office 2007 or later) to work.

Secondly, given that the unit is just an input device, the full potential of the device will be determined by the functionality of the software being used. For example, the ability to annotate directly or sign Microsoft Office documents is possible from Office 2007 onwards because this version has these features built in. Earlier versions of Office, such as Office XP, do not natively support this aspect, however, it is possible to find third-party applications that do e.g. PenOffice.

Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | How does it work?

Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | How does it work?

You don’t have to touch the tablet with the pen to see where the cursor is going and only need to move the pen slightly above the tablet for it to function. The pen buttons allows you to mimic the right and left mouse buttons regarding the ability to click, double-click and drag. Also, you can tap the pen on the tablet to left click and tap twice to double click. Dragging can be achieved by holding the pen on the tablet and sliding it. Right clicking to bring up a menu can be obtained by positioning the cursor in the desired location and clicking the pen button. In summary:

  •  Screen equates to the tablet surface

  •  Moving the cursor equates to hovering

  •  Left click is through touching the tablet

  •  Right click is by clicking pen button

In addition, the ability to recognize handwriting and have it converted to text in software that supports this feature, means that in theory, the tablet and pen could eliminate the need of a keyboard. However, if the user is proficient using a  mouse, touchpad or keyboard, they may prefer to keep the pen tablet for graphics related work.


What Can I Use The Wacom Bamboo Pen For?

To get an overview of what types of things are possible with a pen tablet, check out computer pen uses. Obviously, the result will depend on the quality of the pen tablet as an instrument to convey the skill/ ability of the user, as well as the users proficiency with using a pen tablet as an interface. The pros and cons of the Wacom Pen Tablet will be covered on the next few pages.

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