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Wacom Bamboo Pen Review

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Design & Ergonomics
  • Features
  • Performance

Wacom Bamboo Pen Pros

To get an overview of the general advantages of a pen tablet, check out computer pen advantages.


  • USB Plug and play means set-up is pain-free and you will be scribbling away within 15-20 minutes of opening the package

  • Win 7 should recognized the unit instantly and it can run on Linux and Mac. However, as noted above in ‘How does it work?’, use the latest Wacom drivers for optimal performance


Design and Ease of Use

  • Good build quality and aesthetically slim, sleek and pleasing to look at

  • The clean and simple tablet means that it is ideal for those who do not like a tablet full of program dials and buttons

  • Compact, portable, easy to carry around and suitable for a mobile lifestyle. Its size means that it will fit any crowded desk or alternatively, it can be easily thrown in with your laptop/ bag and used at a coffee shop or even on a plane.

  • Lack of multi-touch on the Wacom Bamboo Pen has the benefit of the user not having to worry about accidentally touching the tablet.You can work in a similar way as when using paper and rest your hand on the tablet while working

  • The responsive active area of the tablet simulates the texture experienced from working on a conventional paper surface. We managed to get the real pencil-on-paper feel simply by placing a sheet of paper on top of the tablet – it still functioned great!

  • The units size makes it ideal for those who do not like moving their hand/wrist a large distance in order to move the cursor across the screen.

  • Though relatively petite, ComputerPen.info still found the Wacom Bamboo pen tablet to be large enough for general use

  • Adjustable for both right and left handed people

  • Easy grip, 2 programmable switch battery-free pen design has 512 levels of pressure sensitivity with the ability to control boldness, shading and line thickness

  • Comes with replacement nibs and a ring to remove nibs

  • The pen buttons can be mapped to almost anything you wish e.g. scrolling,various keyboard strokes or macros, right click or launch applications

  • USB cord is of a good length (approx. 5 ft or 1.5 m)



  • Useful interactive, voice guide tutorial and games help you learn the Wacom pen tablets abilities
  • The software provided, Corel Painter Essential 4, is ideal for beginners to intermediates and retails on its own for around $40 – $70 (RPP $99). However, remember that the Wacom Bamboo pen tablet can be used with a huge range of other applications, both free (e.g. Inkscape) and paid (e.g. Flash CS5)

Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | Corel Painter Essentials 4

Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | Corel Painter Essentials 4



  • Performs very well and is both responsive and accurate considering price category

  • Price to performance ratio is very good

  • In the correct hands, the equipment is capable of surprising quality work – not just cartoon doodles!



  • Very good value for money and great fun to use

  • Ideal entry-intermediate level tablet, or for those on a budget, or those who require portability

  • Its budget friendly price means that it should be very appealing to those who are ‘on the fence’ regarding exploring¬† the possibilities of using a pen tablet , but of good enough quality to give anyone a satisfying experience.

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