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Wacom Bamboo Pen Review

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Wacom Bamboo Pen Potential Issues

To get an overview of the general issue associated with pen tablets, check out computer pen issues. It should be remembered that even the most expensive equipment will have areas where improvement is possible. The important point is to weigh up the pros and cons in order to make an informed decision and then getting the best price to performance ratio when purchasing a product.


  • The reaction time was sometimes fractionally delayed on Win 7 (up to 1/2 second) and although very good for its price category, as to be expected, the sensitivity and precision was less refined compared to larger and more expensive products such as the Intuos e.g. 512 as compared to 1024 or 2048. Despite this, even an experienced illustrator would appreciate this units portability when traveling

  • Only minimal adjustment possible compared to more expensive systems. Although not a problem for general needs, those who require greater sensitivity adjustment (e.g. tilt sensitivity) and controllability (e.g. cell shading as required by a designer for high level digital graphics/ art work) should consider investing in more professional equipment (e.g. Cintiqs, Intuos line or even the Bamboo Fun for those wanting a larger drawing surface and greater sensitivity)

  • ComputerPen.info found the pressure sensitivity to be slightly weaker at the low end



Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | Tablet with Pen

Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | Tablet with Pen

  • Portability would be better if the cord could plug into the tablet rather than being permanently attached

  • The side-mounted cord placement might not be ideal for those who prefer top-mounted tablets, as it makes placing the Wacon Pen Tablet near a  keyboard or laptop more problematic than it ought to be. An option to plug the cord into the other side or a wireless setup would have been an improvement

  • The tablets glossy plastic tends to show fingerprints easily

  • Remember that the tablets active area represents the screen i.e. absolute positioning. Each area of the tablet represents an area of the screen, and once you put the pen down, you are in the correct place on the screen. If you cursor was in the right corner and you then lift the pen and touch the left side, the cursor will be shown on the left side and not where you were previously working.

    Be aware that absolute positioning can pose significant problems when using multiple monitors i.e. decreased precision, issues with differing monitor resolutions, feeling that the work is stretched out, and by default, the center of the tablet places the cursor between the two monitors instead of the center of the active monitor

  • Although well-built, the unit does not come with a protector for the active area when it is not in use

  • Lack of shortcut buttons/ hot keys/ express keys on top of tablet

  • No carrying case is supplied. Although third-party neoprene cases can be found, it would have been nice if the manufacturer provided one that also stored the pen safely



Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | Pen

Wacom Bamboo Pen Review | Pen

  • The main issue is that the pen does not come with a built in eraser on the end. However, this can be overcome given that the pen has 2 programmable buttons or by clicking on the relevant icon within the application

  • Accidentally pushing the pen buttons whilst working can be overcome with practice, although placing them towards the top of the pen would have been a better solution than lower down. Most problems regarding this issue can be overcome by simply holding the pen such that the your fingers are on each side of the buttons

  • The pen is somewhat flimsy when compared to more professional (and more expensive) pen tablet models

  • The natural paper like surface creates friction between the pen and tablet to prevent the pen sliding too fast. However, this may not be suitable for those who prefer a very smooth working surface

  • The pen nib may wear to an uneven point due to the active surface being slightly textured. This has the potential to cause minor scratches to tablets surface if heavy pressure is applied. However, surface scratches do not seem to affect the tablets function and aside from the extra nibs that came in the package, spare nibs can be purchased at a reasonable price

  • The side pen holder (red) may be prone to becoming looser over time. Also, it didn’t appear to hold the pen securely when traveling with it.

  • For people who leave their devices constantly on, there is no way to turn off the pens LED light

  • Scroll function on the pen seemed a little on the slow side, as was resizing a window by dragging a corner

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